During the course of my day at the dispensary, I talk to dozens of patients. Many who are very knowledgeable about cannabis. As a matter of fact, I believe many of them could easily get an honorary degree in marijuana. Even the cool cap that comes with all those credits. But what if you really could? What if you really could get the cool cap and a degree in Cannabis? Well, now you can.

Cannabis, Biology and Chemistry

New UCSP program title

You heard me right. The University of Colorado State at Pueblo is now offering a college degree in Cannabis. The new program entitled “Cannabis, Biology and Chemistry” will be unlike anything elsewhere in the US. And with sales of Cannabis said to be in the $15 billion range, the program will no less capitalize on that growth and the recent legalization of marijuana in many states with more on the way with this year’s ballot.

The Denver Post reports that the course, which is approved by the state, will be available for undergraduates wishing to study the science behind the cannabis industry with classes planned to start in the fall. The program has been described as similar to a double major in biology and chemistry, and features a lab licensed to grow industrial hemp so students may work with cannabidiol (CBD) derived from the plants.

University officials say they are neither pro nor anti-Cannabis. They are simply responding to a huge need for the education and are anticipating high demand for the program. It follows the announcement of a new research center built to study the chemical compounds in hemp, which is due to open in the College of Natural Sciences on Colorado State University’s Fort Collins campus in spring.

In this blogger’s opinion, that it’s a great first step in creating college level courses, curriculum and degrees that will create intelligent, well informed, and hopefully, well-funded scientists. Intelligent chemists and biologists that can further research in an industry that literally changes day by day. And with the recent vape crisis along with the evolving recreational market, this is a critical time for the industry. If implemented correctly, this program will be essential to the future of professional and ethical responses to such challenges.


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  1. This is exciting news, Bob! So much stigma, so much disinformation and exploitation that well-funded research and unbiased education has power to address and reverse! Love your blog. Thanks for writing and sharing your knowledge and experience — looking forward to more!

  2. I’m sold Bob, those words were beautifully crafted and perfectly spiced to digest the ever evolving world of cannabis!

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