Mayo Lid

As we were helping patients and having our general fun, Monday morning laughed and sharing, a patient mentioned about years ago buying what he called “A lid”. I started thinking about how archaic the word is. Lid. Not only have I not heard the word used in forty years, I thought, I wonder if any of the younger bobtenders even know what a lid is.

I started by asking one of my friends and one excellent tender and dude, Olen a question. “How old were you when you learned what a Lid was?”  He easily admitted he hadn’t ever heard the word well into his thirties and years after starting smoking cannabis.

Do you remember? Can you close your eyes and see in that baggie from the 70s or 80s, it’s stuffed with a good amount of Mexican weed, or to be exact, a four finger lid?

A lid was what is an ounce is today. Yes, yes. I know the stories about the mayonnaise jar and the lid and that a lid is based on all those ’60s stories. But when I was a young dumb 20 some year old, a lid meant an ounce. Four fingers or roughly 28 grams. For those who grew up around Southern Arizona, that Mexican grass we got was full of seeds, and stems, and Lord knows what other dirt and crap was in there. We loved it! We loved our lids! If we didn’t have enough, we get a “Dime” bag.

Oh no! Now you have to find out what a Dime bag is!


2 thoughts on “What’s A Lid?

  1. When I started smoking a lid was $10 and everyone screamed when the 4 finger lid went to $15 and sometimes was 3 1/2 fingers.
    A dime bag was a term used later when Capitalization slithered in and shrunk the quantities everyone was used to.

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